NZ man clashes with police over speeding ticket..

New Zealand man clashes with police over a speeding ticket – However the confrontation escalates quickly.

As the aggressive driver pulls away – The police obviously pursue him into the local town where he is then stopped.. Check it out

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100 Police officers per year suspended over corruption


  • 460 police officers suspended for alleged corruption since the start of 2009
  • Offences include lying about suspects and stealing drugs from police stores
  • Scotland Yard suspended the most officers with 119 under investigation
  • Figures came to light via Freedom of Information requests to 46 police forces
  • Findings prove it’s not just ‘a few rotten apples’, says MP
  • Authorities vow to crack down on the scourge of police corruption


Almost 100 police officers are suspended on suspicion of corruption every year, we can reveal.

In the past five years, a total of 460 officers have faced investigation over allegations including selling information, hacking into police computers and interfering with criminal probes.

Officials expressed concern at the scale of the problem, while one MP said the data proves that police corruption is not just limited to ‘a few rotten apples’.

As well as the 460 officers who have been suspended for alleged corruption in the UK since the start of 2009, 200 members of police staff were investigated on suspicion of corrupt practice in the same time period.

The force with by far the most suspended officers was the Metropolitan Police, where 119 officers and 67 other employees have been relieved of their duties during a corruption probe in the past five years.

A spokesman for Scotland Yard pointed out that the force, which is responsible for Greater London as well as national issues such as counter-terrorism, is much larger than any other, and insisted that it is dedicated to eliminating corruption.

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A second fail and yet another sorry…

A woman has attacked police for incompetence after they failed to turn up in court when her child-abusing ex-husband got his second discharge without conviction.

The Sunday Star-Times reported last month that police had to apologize to the woman after her husband – a Tauranga professional – was discharged and awarded name suppression after senior officers watered down the facts against him.

Expecting better service after the man pleaded guilty to further charges of breaching his protection order, the woman was horrified when a police prosecutor failed to show up for the man’s hearing in the Auckland District Court on Thursday.

“It beggars belief,” she said, “I don’t know whether we don’t matter or what.”

Unusually, the case went ahead without a prosecutor and the woman was forced to hear her ex-husband get a second discharge without conviction and permanent name suppression without anyone present to represent her side.

Police made a second apology to the woman on Friday saying their no-show came down to an “administrative error”.

Police Prosecutions national manager Inspector Mike Johnson said police “strive to do our best for victims”.

“[We] are very sorry that due to this administrative error this did not happen on this occasion.”

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Greater Manchester Police faces corruption storm after whistleblower goes to IPCC

The deputy head of the criminal investigation into the Hillsborough disaster has stepped down from his role following the launch of a corruption inquiry and claims that a high-ranking detective allowed an unauthorised bugging operation at England’s second largest police force.

Assistant Chief Constable Terry Sweeney is the most senior figure from Greater Manchester Police (GMP) to be investigated as a result of whistleblower claims of “cronyism” among top officers and the alleged failure to follow correct procedures or investigate complaints properly.

- Terry Sweeney

– Terry Sweeney

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said it had launched three inquiries into the actions of a number of GMP staff including the suggestion the force misled the families of victims of serial killer Harold Shipman as well as the public over the secret disposal of human tissue samples.

The second probe will examine the activities of an unnamed Detective Chief Inspector who it is claimed ordered the bugging of one of the force’s offices as well as allegations that the officer’s actions may have put public safety at risk.

The police watchdog is also investigating claims made by a serving officer that sex abuse allegations were poorly handled and that alleged failings by GMP were covered up.

It is understood ACC Sweeney, a former head of GMP’s Professional Standards Branch, will feature as part of all three IPCC inquiries.

One of the force’s most respected officers, he was a senior figure in the still ongoing inquiry into the suspected poisoning deaths at Stepping Hill hospital as well as being charged with examining reports that GMP officers attended demonstrations organised by the British National Party.

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Oshakati police officer charged with corruption

OSHAKATI - A police officer in Oshakati was charged with corruption in the Oshakati Magistrates Court last Thursday.

The suspect, Frans Ndangi Ananias, appeared before Magistrate Mikka Namweya for corruptly using his position for gratification. Ananias informed the court that he is the sole breadwinner in his family and also indicated that he is currently employed as a part-time driver at his brothers’ company and takes care of his unemployed wife and three children, including the wife’s tuition fees and his children’s transportation to school before he was sentenced.

He further pleaded with the court for leniency considering the aforementioned circumstances. Prosecutor Birna Adriaanse informed the court to consider a few factors before it delivers a judgment, including his personal circumstances, as well as the seriousness of the crime. Adriaanse who made reference to an article published by New Era on March 22 in which the president called upon the nation to fight corruption and said corrupt practices lead to a decline in the development of the economy and lead to insufficient public facilities, hence the establishment of the Anti-Corruption Commission to fight corruption in the country. Adriaanse further enlightened the court about a similar case in which a first time police offender was convicted. Iyambo Gabriel Simaneka was convicted and sentenced to two years imprisonment for corruptly accepting a gratification of N$300 on March 28, 2013. Recently, another police officer was convicted and fined N$7000 or alternatively one year imprisonment.  Magistrate Mikka Namweya convicted Jesaya Goseb last week Thursday in the Oshakati Magistrate’s court.

Situations such as these according to the public prosecutor will let the public lose trust and confidence in the police force and convicts therefore cannot go unpunished. “Even if he is a first time offender there is nothing opposing this court to sentence the accused to direct imprisonment,” said Adriaanse. Given the circumstances and the seriousness of the crime the state proposed that Ananias be sentenced to direct imprisonment for two years. Ananias was charged for accepting N$300 from Josef Helao on July 9, 2010 after accusing him of transporting passengers without relevant documents. In the testimonies presented before the court Ananias instructed Helao to drive to the police station and upon arrival there asked him to follow him into a room, which according to the testimony presented was in fact a toilet. He then instructed Helao to give him N$300 or else to have his vehicle impounded. Helao reported the matter to the police and went to withdraw the N$300 from the Bank Windhoek ATM at the Shoprite Ongwediva Mall where he handed over the money to the accused.

Corrupt Flash Gordon gets off jail


Corrupt former Christchurch police officer ( ” Flash Gordon ” ) Gordon Stanley Meyer has avoided a jail sentence on charges of bribery and indecent assault.

Flash Gordon - Gordon MeyerIn the High Court at Christchurch today, Justice Graham Panckhurst sentenced Meyer to nine months home detention, and ordered him to pay $3000 to each of his two victims in reparation for emotional harm.

Meyer admitted telling a suspected drink driver that her charges would go away if she performed oral sex on him.

He also pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting an 18-year-old woman he groped while giving her a lift between pubs while on duty in his marked patrol car.

Justice Panckhurst gave Meyer credit for his guilty pleas, which came just two days before his scheduled trial, and his exemplary police record prior to his offending.

NZ Police coverup staff drug use – Deny drug testing requirement

The NZ public is loosing trust in the NZ Police force and it seems even the police association is avoiding drug testing..

The public should have faith in the police service and feel confident and have trust, it is working after another police employee appeared in court today, the Police Association says.

Brent William Thomson, 49, a police prosecutor who was based at Auckland central police station, pleaded guilty to three drugs charges in Waitakere District Court today.

Updated at 7:38 pm on 17 October 2013

Police Minister Anne Tolley says police staff should not be drug-tested in the workplace.

Her comment came after a police prosecutor on Thursday admitted charges of using and possessing methamphetamine, and using cannabis.

Anne Tolley.Anne Tolley.  NATIONAL PARTY

Brent Thomson posted videos of himself using methamphetamine, and blogs describing his use of drugs at sex parties in April and May, online.

Police found a small amount of the drug “P” and syringes when they searched the 49-year-old’s home. He is seeking a discharge without conviction in the Waitakere District Court.

Thomson, who worked mainly in the Family Violence Court and the Auckland District Court, is also subject to an employment investigation.

Anne Tolley says the overwhelming majority of police staff are doing a fantastic job and they should not face workplace drug testing. She says police are quick to prosecute their own if there is any wrongdoing.

The Police Association agrees that staff shouldn’t be given workplace drug tests. President Greg O’Connor says the public should be re-assured by the systems that police already have.

The charges related to using and possessing methamphetamine and using cannabis.

He was remanded on bail to reappear for sentencing in January.

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Corrupt cop flash gordon gets day in court

Gordon Stanley MeyerCorrupt flash gordon policeman Gordon Stanley Meyer carried out his sexual exploits while working at a station with leadership and operational problems, an inquiry has found.

An investigator who reviewed the culture at the Christchurch South police station where Meyer worked was critical of the station.

The senior out-of-town investigator’s report came to light after Meyer admitted in court to accepting a sexual act in exchange for letting a woman off a drink- driving charge in September 2011.

Police confirmed the review “highlighted some issues” and said remedial actions had been taken.

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American police kill five thousand people since 911

American police have killed over 5,000 people since 9/11 – Police shootings raise by 4000%.

The police getting paid to go on shooting sprees are killing more of us than the terrorists from whom they “protect” us. You are eight times more likely to be killed by a cop than by a terrorist.

Domestic violence is two-four times more common among police families than American families in general.

While we’re at it, over a quarter of a billion human beings were killed by government last century alone, making government the leading cause of unnatural death in the 20th century.  This doesn’t include casualties from all the wars that governments also started to “protect” us.

It’s only natural, isn’t it, that the trigger-happy government employees in costumes are keeping up with the trend on our streets.

The number of Americans in prison now exceeds the number of high school teachers and engineers. There are at least 7.3 million Americans locked in captivity or under federal control as you read this, the majority of whom are non-violent (for example, they got caught ingesting a plant that the government claims is “illegal”).

Source: Filming Cops

Officer not guilty of cyclist assault?

The big question – How do you get a cyclist off his bike during a pursuit?

Its a tedious question, Do you drive your patrol car into the guy or do you use pepper spray?

Police Brutality - Police break womans leg, What is to come?

Police Brutality – Police break womans leg, What is to come?

It also seems that another police officer that used ” excessive force ” to disable a suspects path - Was also given a not guilty charge – The New Zealand justice system has a strange way of looking at cyclist ” run ins” with maximum cycle safety for citizens whilst police seem to be running them over?

Julia Lyneen Reddish of 40 years old appeared in the Hamilton District Court before Judge Rosemary Riddell. Charges of assault with a blunt instrument.

Judge Riddell concluded that Reddish did not use the vehicle as a weapon. However the following facts conflict;

Result of the arrest – Injury – Dislocated shoulder, grazes and bruises.

How does a cyclist that evades police get such an injury? The patrol car must of hit him with decent force, all the police need to do is knock him to the ground – Not injure whilst arresting the suspect.

As a cyclist myself I’ve been hit by a car head on and i ended up rolling across – No dislocated shoulder?

Reddish told the court that she believed her decision to nudge Marks was reasonable “under the circumstances”.

“At that time the actions of my driving were proportionate and relevant,” she said.

Curran had earlier argued the case should be dismissed, as the prosecution did not present any evidence to suggest how the arrest might have been executed in a less violent way.

A less violent way would be to use pepper spray. That would make any cyclist jump off his bike without injury.

What are your thoughts? How could the police have disabled the suspect from running away without injury?