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NZ police officers arrested – 60+

The statistics below do not match up with the low police corruption rating that NZ was apparently given…


Greg O'Connor knows all about drug dealing ;)

Almost 60 New Zealand police officers have faced criminal charges during the past three years for offences ranging from indecent assault to dealing methamphetamine.

According to figures released under the Official Information Act, 58 police staff – 24 from Auckland – have faced criminal charges from 2009 to 2011.

Nationally, eight officers have been charged this year.

In 2010, 24 officers were charged and in 2009, 26 faced charges.

The charges include violent offending, drug dealing, theft, perverting the course of justice, driving offences, disorderly behaviour, possessing objectionable material and a sex crime.

Police Association president Greg O’Connor said police were ”very hard on their own” and ”no police are exempt” from being charged. However, he said a ”good portion” of charged staff are never convicted by the courts.

O’Connor said the serious charges like drug dealing are a concern.

”We would be naive to think it’s not going to happen at some stage, because we are a big organisation. We know police have been targeted by organised crime to get people in… They’ve tried often enough.”

The Auckland offences have been evenly shared between the Waitemata, Auckland City and Counties-Manukau districts.

Twelve officers resigned while being investigated for criminal offending between 2009 and 2011 – six of them from Auckland.

Five staff were given final warnings, one received a first warning and one received training. No action was taken in two cases and 36 matters are ongoing ”either because they are still before the courts or are awaiting a disciplinary outcome” said Superintendent Steve Hinds, acting national manager of police conduct.

One outcome was recorded as ”other”.

In the past three years, 977 police staff have faced internal disciplinary action, with just over a quarter (252) from Auckland.

The numbers have risen dramatically each year from 175 in 2009, to 265 in 2010 and 272 this year.

Counties-Manukau was the worst nationally for internal discipline every year since 2009 when 44 staff were dealt with. This year 46 of the district’s staff have been internally disciplined.

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Our corruption is the lowest in the world….

NO corruption??

Apparently New Zealand is the least corrupt country in the world – Well, at least out of 30 OECD based countries. Unfortunately I think our country analysts are smoking something green. Our country has a number of corrupt sectors – police, IPCA, WINZ, NZPA, GCIS, IRD & DIA. The police happily accept bribes, the independent police coverup agency cleans up the mess of which the police create in communities, WINZ happily rips off the tax payer for 50k+ benefit suckers and the NZPA covers it all up media wise. Then our government’s GCIS – Shares information with the USA, shares local controversial internal, private communications between corporates – trade secrets. Then the IRD gets payments from substantial wealthy celebrities, or bankers. The department of internal affairs will happily slide corruption under the rug to stop the media getting even a smell of it….











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Corruption Disclosure will be releasing a large number of disclosures regarding Police Corruption in New Zealand within the upcoming months.


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