Independent Police Complaints Authority

Police cover up excessive force – Break neck with baton.

"  police's failure to conduct a robust, thorough and timely investigation was "unjustified, unreasonable and unfair".

” police’s failure to conduct a robust, thorough and timely investigation was “unjustified, unreasonable and unfair”.

Is the ” Independent ” Police Complaints Authority actually doing its job now or something? Have they woken up to the fact that 90% of people think they are a internal coverup agency? All of a sudden they are pulling the ” excessive force ” card… They have been so arrogant in the past to the truth.

Police used “unnecessary, excessive force” in its handling of a rowdy Wellington party, the Independent Police Conduct Authority says.

Police were called to the party in Homebush Rd, Khandallah, in September 2009.

They arrested several people at the address, but soon after faced accusations of excessive force with one teenager claiming his neck was broken by a police baton.

Jakob Christie, then 19, said a police officer struck him in the neck with a baton as he left the party, while two other partygoers said they saw a policeman beat him around the neck.

But a police internal review – released in December last year, more than three years after the incident – found no fault on the part of the officers.

Eleven complaints were made to police after several young people also said they were struck with batons when the squad of 20 police officers closed down the party.

The review dismissed police culpability in each case, either because of insufficient evidence or because the force used was deemed ”reasonable”.

This morning the authority released its own investigation into the incident and found differently.

( For the first time in YEARS? )

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This is a time of…

This is a Time of fear and loathing.

This is a time we must creep about in servile fearfulness.


This is a time of fear and loathing.

This is a time when our guardians are dangerous.

This is a time when they who guard the guardians are also the guardians.

This is a time when our Courts are weak.

This is a time not long after a time when police invoked draconian anti terror laws abrogating rights and freedoms we had enjoyed since Magna Carta – on the grounds of spurious untested “police intelligence” -some of which was illegally obtained – and used as a basis to secure warrants from unsuspecting judiciary – to catapult the nation onto a terror alert footing from Tuhoe to Auckland.

This is a time when our police covertly conspire with foreign governments and break the laws of our land

This is a time when covertly conspiring with a foreign government by our military would be treason

This is a time when to behave in such a matter while a Minister of the Crown, would be perfidy.

This is a time when bandana wearing machine gun toting police anti terrorist AOS tactical unit members jump from helicopters to terrorize pregnant women, children and smugly describe an injury to a man cowering on the floor before them as an “accidental” stomp on his hand.

This is a time when the police officer in charge of such a raid called to account before a Court of Law, with contumacious arrogance informs the Court that he will first check with a foreign power before acquiescing caveat from a judge of the Highest Court in our land.

This is a time when called to account for their conduct before a Court of Law for one of the most bizarre agent provocateurcases in western judicial annuls, police justify their illegal means by their ends and defiantly appeal against rebuke and sanction by one of our judges.

Red Devils - Police Case

Police Corruption – NZ Courts & Judges

This is a time – thirty two years in fact after a Royal Commission of Enquiry pardoned a man for two murders but also identified two police officers as having fabricated evidence to secure the convictions of the pardoned man – that police still do not accept the pardon nor the rejection by the Appeal Court of an appeal against the Commission findings – and protest that the Royal Commission “was wrong”.

This is a time when the police ignore the rule of law but are the law.

This is a time when police marksmen can miss their target several times but accidentally kill an innocent passer-by, yet escape culpability for a transparent negligent killing – which is prima facie manslaughter.

This is a time when the Independent Police Complaints Authority – which is nothing more or less than a glorified government investigation unit – usurps the role of our Courts by deciding the culpability of killings such as described above, in camera and not in a formal Court of law.

This is a time when the Government Communications & Security Bureau breaks the laws of our land and spy illegally – in the name of freedom from tyranny for the people of Aotearoa.

This is a time when the caliber of police ministers our nation has endured for too long has been, in the writers view, a procession of dogs being wagged by the tail.

This is a time when, as Edmund Burke once wrote, when:

No man committed greater evil than to believe that because he could do not much he should do nothing.

This is a time when you must stand firm.

This is a time when you must and defend your rights but more important, defend the integrity of your country.

Ross Meurant

Man hurt in custody – Back in hospital

Nothing will justify pushing Shane Legg off the top of the fence.

Major Questions:

  • No police officers have been temporarily stood down even though a man lays in ICU.
  • The police are disputing the fact that he was pushed off the fence.
  • There is 2 hours of questionable time during the incident. ( The ambulance was called late )
  • The dog handler, as usual is allowed to rip the victim up – Question is before or after the fence fall?
  • There was 6 police cars in attendance – Gang much?

A 28-year-old Northland man who received paralysing neck injuries while in police custody has been rushed to hospital from a rehabilitation unit after vomiting blood.

Shane Legg had been in the Otara Spinal Unit in South Auckland but was early yesterday taken to Middlemore Hospital.

His father Ray Legg was late yesterday waiting for confirmation from doctors about what the setback in his son’s rehabilitation was.

Shane LeggShane Legg was paralysed when, after being detained by police in April on a driving offence, he fell as he climbed a fence while handcuffed. A police officer was with him at the time.

Whangarei police spokeswoman Sarah Kennett said police had interviewed Shane Legg as part of the internal inquiry they were carrying out. The investigation was nearing completion and as soon as it was compiled the Legg family and police officers involved would be informed.

Ms Kennett confirmed the officers involved have remained on duty.

Shane Legg had been in the spinal unit for about five weeks and had made some progress by being able to sit in a wheelchair.

He had undergone seven operations but his body was struggling to cope with the trauma, Ray Legg said.

An operation to graft bone marrow around the fracture in Shane’s neck had not worked as well as expected.

“Now they are looking at taking more bone marrow off his hip and trying to get it to bond the fracture and grow round the inserted plates,” Ray Legg said.

“So the last six months have been a waste of time. His body is so weak the doctors say he’s is susceptible to all sorts of drugs.”

The family were trying to remain positive but it seemed small steps were met with even bigger steps backward, Ray Legg said.

“We just don’t celebrate any progress anymore because a couple of days later he’s sick again,” Ray said.

Since being admitted to hospital the 28-year-old has been fed through a tube. He told his dad he was looking forward to the day he was able to eat his mum’s fresh fruit salad.

His mother, Sandra, has been by his bedside since he arrived in hospital and for 185 days been with her son.

“We are a close family and this has split us apart. I travel down to Auckland every second day from Ruawai and it’s just tearing us apart,” Ray Legg said.

Source: The Northern Advocate – Kristen Edge


Quote from The Jackal – Regarding this incident..

By all accounts apart from their own, the police are getting worse. One of the reasons for this is that the Independent Police Conduct Authority is not independent at all and is simply there to protect the police when they get into trouble. Without a functioning watchdog the police can do whatever they want, and get away with it.

This is not an isolated incident and the culture of brutality within the police force needs a truly independent organisation to investigate and make changes where appropriate. Without that we will continue to see people’s lives being ruined by what can best be described as a gang of state sponsored thugs.



Still no mention of Police Drug Testing..

Since 2009 there has been no mention by the police or national media of police being drug tested.

2009 -Quoted Below from – IPCA calls for drug testing.

The mother of Steven Wallace has criticised police inaction over drug and alcohol testing for police officers involved in critical incidents,such as her son’s fatal shooting.The Independent Police Complaints Authority today called for police to urgently develop procedures for compulsory drug and alcohol testing of officers involved in critical incidents, including police shootings.

Police were also criticised by the authority for not showing more compassion after he was shot.

Its recommendation was part of its report into the shooting of Mr Wallace by Senior Constable Keith Abbott in Waitara, Taranaki, in April 2000. It found no evidence of misconduct by police and found that Mr Abbott had not been drinking before the shooting, as alleged by the Wallace family.

That wasn’t accepted by Mrs Wallace, who said she still had people approaching her, saying that Mr Abbott was drinking the night before the shooting early on Sunday, April 30.

“They can say he wasn’t drinking, I can say he was, but there is no test to prove it. They are still not doing the test now,” Mrs Wallace told Radio New Zealand’s Checkpoint programme.

I highly doubt the IPCA has pushed for drug testing at all, there has been no mention of it whatsoever between 2009 and 2012. The IPCA would shiver at the fact of drug testing officers due to the amount of staff they would loose simply due to the fact that an overwhelming amount of police staff do drugs in their own time – Of which is a very controversial assumption however plenty of facts are out there for example:

Police Corruption Article: Dozens of Officers Arrested

Police paralyse northland man during arrest

A Northland man is paralysed in hospital after he fell while climbing a fence while being arrested. 

How does anyone break a neck climbing a fence while police are present?

Shane Legg, victim of Police Brutality.

I thought police were safe during arrests?

Lets see if the police blame the citizen for such an injury?

It would be a typical outcome for the police, They never accept any responsibility!

The Independent Police Complaints Authority is investigating the arrest of Shane Legg in Whangarei, who fell while handcuffed a week ago. He is believed to have suffered a broken neck.

His friends say he is lying face-up in a hospital bed, “staring at the ceiling”, wondering if he’ll walk again. They have established a Facebook page to generate funds for his rehabilitation.

On the page Help Shane Legg, friends have set up accounts for donations and people have already donated an iPad to use in hospital.

Legg was allegedly driving with a disqualified licence on State Highway 1 when he was pulled over by police.

Northland area police spokeswoman Sarah Kennett said as far as she was aware, the officers involved in the arrest were carrying on their work as normal.


An IPCA spokeswoman said police had notified the authority that a man suffered suspected spinal injuries during an arrest near Whangarei.

Sgt Bede Haughey harasses warkworth woman

The Independent Police Complaints authority has since not upheld a complaint regarding the officer – Sergeant  Bede Haughey and his harassment of a local warkworth woman.

Sgt Bede Haughey has conducted the following;

  • In one case of harassment, Sergeant Bede Haughey decided to attack the warkworth woman, by dragging her into her carport and threatening her, the officer was off duty and was not in contact with comms at the time of the attack, and as soon as Sergeant’s Haugheys colleague turned up – Haughey acted like nothing happened.
  • Peverting the course of justice
  • Social harassment – Bede Haughey likes to basically talk shit in warkworth.
  • Multiple breaches of the police code of conduct.


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Wanted: Police Complaints is seeking people who have been basically ” shat on ” by the Independent Police Conduct Authority (aka The Non-Independent Piglets Cover-up Agency ).


  • Complaints which have been declined, using false or crafted information.
  • Complaints of which have no result, or true conclusion.
  • Direct Police Station Complaints which have no conclusion, or result of the complaint.
  • Harassment by Police for making a complaint against them.


Please forward your complaints/information/evidence of corruption to [email protected]


Ignorance of the Truth – IPCA

The IPCA ( Independent Piglets Coverup Agency ), has yet to reply and will most likely not reply to our email regarding the corruption within the IPCA ( Independent Police Complaints Authority ).


  • IPCA earlier declared via letter – Any further communications will be ignored. Why because your afraid of the truth?
  • IPCA have ignored all of our police complaints even regarding un-related matters.
  • IPCA have breached yet another human right.


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Flaxmere Shooting – Why 4 Bullets?

Bit of a problem with the story;

There appears to be lack of details regarding the shooting as there is 4 bullets on the road.

From all the media reports, so far – Lachan didn’t fire, he only pointed the weapon. Still a bloody stupid thing to do. However it took the police 4 bullets to take him down.

What i would like to know is – Why did this situation require 4 bullets?


Police have confirmed a shotgun was fired in the street where a man was shot dead by officers in Hawke’s Bay yesterday, but are yet to determine who fired the gun and how many shots there were.

Flaxmere man Lachan Kelly-Tumarae, 19, died in hospital early yesterday morning after he was shot by an officer with a Glock pistol in Taihape Rd, Fernhill, on the outskirts of Hastings.

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